Fitness Journey – Week 9

Happy New Year everyone! It’s nice to be starting the new year off on a Monday because Monday is the first day of workouts for the week and the timing was just great. Well we are close to the end of day 1 of “Hell Month”, and it was a pretty good one! I had […]

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Pianos Become The Teeth

Whooohoo. What can I even say about this band. First off they are amazing. Now, I know their album Keep You is no where near new. However, I just wanna talk about music and the stuff that has made an impact on my life. Keep you and their previous album The Lack Long After are both just […]

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A Formal Introduction

Hello there, my name is Trevor Bookout. I really do enjoy writing a lot. So much in fact that I figured using this blog as an outlet for my thoughts and interests is just what I need in my life right now. Honestly, life is crazy but beautiful. I am a very nostalgic person. I […]

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