Work Out Wednesday #1

Had a great work out today! Wednesdays for me will be lower body. In my work out Wednesday updates I will be keeping you all up to date on my lift progressions. Since this is my first week of doing this I don’t have a whole week of updates to give you just yet though I do want to give you all a lay out of my workout plan and the first phase of my journey.

I found a pretty awesome program awhile back called Kinobody which I really enjoy doing and I will be following that protocol pretty closely. I am in no way affiliated with Kinobody. I just have been working out on and off for over 12 years and in that time I have done many different types of workouts, splits, diets and all the above. This specific program just fits my lifestyle well. If I am going to make a real change in my habits, mindset and life, consistency is and always will be the key. So, I am strong believer in finding a program, regimen, ritual, whatever you wanna call it, that works best for you and your life style.

Part of this program uses intermittent fasting to help keep yourself at a calorie deficit and it comes with lots of great hormonal benefits, but more on that another day.

I will be working out 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The lifts that I am doing are strictly strength building lifts. I will be utilizing Revers Pyramid Training (RPT) to maximize these efforts. For those who don’t know, standard pyramid training is when you lift a light weight say for 10 reps, your next set you increase the weight, and so on. Reverse pyramid is just the opposite, you start your first set with the heaviest weight you can rep 4-6 times then you lower the weight and add reps to your next set. So if you were to bench 185 four times, you would then lower the weight to 165 and try to get at least 6 repetitions out of it and so on. I will be doing that for 3 sets total. Any more than that your just wasting time and energy. Like Tim Ferris said in his book “The 4 Hour Body”, once you boil water you can’t add more heat to it to boil it more, its simply boiling and there’s no need to add anymore effort or energy into it. RPT is a fantastic way to utilize your strength and get the most muscle recruitment possible out of each work out.

Three work outs a week will really allow my body to get proper rest time between work out days too. Not only is the rest between hard work outs really important to your nervous system, but it is critical to me especially to again maintain consistency. I have a new born daughter, a wife, a full time job, and a side business that I am trying to start at home. I do not have time to spend hours and hours a week killing myself in the gym. It’s simply just not doable. Plus by only committing to three days a week, its much more manageable mentally. It makes it seem like a much smaller mountain to climb which is a huge mental boost. When your wanting to accomplish something as big as changing your habits and daily routine, you need every edge you can get.

My lifts as of today for Wednesday 11/1/17. I am just going to include the weights of my first set which is the heaviest. Once I can do all sets at the max reps I will increase my weight after that point.

1 Mile Jog

Squats – 185 X 6

Romanian Deadlifts – 205 X 8

Calf Raises – 205X15X3

Hanging Leg Raise – 10X15X3

Crunches – 20X3

Well thanks for reading today’s post folks. Be sure to check back in on Friday and every Friday after that for an educational lesson about all health related issues.

Keep grinding everyone and build yourself to be the person who deserves everything you want in life! Your not getting any younger.




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